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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 3, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EST

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gretawire g night from washington, d.c.. woman who is battling m.s. and doing a stellar job at it. both together tomorrow. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, america, i want this one of those nights. i want you to call a friend right now and tell them to stop what they're doing and turn on fox news channel. tonight is a history channel you won't see anyplace else. it's the reason why this audience watches this show. c'mon, we got a lot of work to do! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. something happened to me during the show last night. i was listening to this bald communist that we played on the air last night. and it started my mind thinking that i have to explain something to you. we have to go back and learn a little history.
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let me show you. this is the clip that made me start thinking about it last night. >> we have to help bring this government down. we have to help destroy this system and that requires increasing the alienation that working class and oppressed people feel. the way change is going to happen in this country is through the destruction of what we call the united states of america. i'm opposed to white supremacy, not because it's white people involved. i'm opposed to the system that we traditionally call imperilism and that some people have right and privileges not granted to all human beings. the solution to the problem is called communism and socialism and we should put it in our mouths and say it when we say what is your politics? i am a socialist. dy dy -- i demand we have healthcare for people. we will take the insurance companies and the farms in this country, sut down the military apparatus of this country. i'm tired of being told to stuff my anger back in my pants. >> glenn: this is the problem.
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he says i'm tired of a system where people don't have rights and i will take your farms and take your government. it's peaceful until he gets to the end. this is a bald communicommunist. this is a joke. communist in american, american who says trouble is coming and they will take advantage of it. they are not going to help. the job is to further it. the thing about this show that the mainstream media never figured out, it's the success of the program. i don't talk down to you. i promise i won't waste a second of your time. i try not to. i was thinking about it this morning as i was brushing my teeth how i didn't want to waste your time today. i know you're busy and you're tired. in exchange for that, you actually watch, listen and pay attention. it gives us the ability to talk like adults and not in sound bites. i've been talking to you about the danger of progressives in both parties
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for some time. but people seem to get confused. they don't really seem to get what a progressive is and then they don't understand how a progressive can be on the left and the right. the communist last night prompted me to share something a little bit early. i'm working on a documentary and i want to show you a couple of pieces of it, or photos from it. i think you need to know that danger is approaching and what it looks like. it requires knowing history first, taking ourselves out of the moment and look at this with a longer view. do not look at this through the lens of republican and democrats. the traditional left and right. you have to look at this separated from it to see it. last night i showed you this chart and i said to you that really, here is your right and left. but it doesn't make sense. at the end of the chart is anarchy and the other chart is fascism and communist.
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progressive government progresses to this. here is the republic. i said left and right, democrats and republicans are actually up and down. i'll explain more. what i will explain is why people on the left call george bush a fascist. they call him a nazi. republicans don't even understand that. you will in 30 minutes. when people hold up a hammer and sickle, for obama, they are saying he's a communist. people on the left don't understand that. because most republicans are not nazis and most democrats are not communists. the problem is big government and where it does it lead? how is it that so many people that voted for george w. bush in 2004 and 2000 couldn't see any of the warning signs of big government? the democrats didid. i did. i pointed it out starting in
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2004. i made a mistake, we're going too big of a government. this is wrong. but now, the democrats demonize me because i had the same problem with a big government i did under bush. because we demonize the government so much we expect the same from them but not anybody on our side? or is it a combination of self-deception and lack of knowledge of history? have you ever heard the phrase those who don't know history are destined to repeat it? it's true. if we don't understand it we will repeat it. i've been warning for last seven years. government is going get too much power. when it does, all it takes is fear and hunger. do you remember when we debunked that fema camp hoax? this is where george bush was
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going to round up everybody and throw them in fema counts. i remember it during the bush administration. people were saying that. then all of a sudden it became obama, became a thing of the right. fema camps, they're going to round up, obama is going to take them and throw them in a concentration camp. it was on this episode, when was this? last year, march 6 of last year. it was on this episode that we told you that this started under clinton. they have been switching parties over and over again. the hoax, conspiracies work for about 10% of the population. maybe 5 to 10% of the population, people that say we didn't land on the moon. it goes back and forth and works on 10% of the population that is afraid of big government. well, you should be afraid of big government. just not all government. big government is not what the founders intended and it doesn't ever work.
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people in washington say people of the tea party hate government. yeah, george washington said government is a fes evil. like fire. it's good while you are the master of it. but not if it's the master of you. i don't think everybody in government is evil. the problem is progressivism. a cancer. you heard me say it before. it's baby steps. the root of the word is "progress." progress toward what is the question? some sort of utopia where everybody somehow or another behaves all of a sudden and so we don't need any laws? if we are moving in that direction why is our government growing? we need seemingly as we make progress as individuals and as a society, we need more and more government. but that is not not gress. t
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-- not progress. the more we move toward that man devolves. we only need more government because we have more problems. not being responsible for ourselves. how many times are you like wait a minute, don't do that with that guy. he was dumb. let him fail. that is not progress. at some point at the end of the share c staircase the probl are so big because the government has to rule all of it because nobody takes care of themselves. that's why when president bush was in office the democrats started to feel something was getting out of control. they call it fascism. they say hitler was on the right. no, no, no. again, let me go back to the scale. fascism and communism are the same. it's total anarchy that is on this end. here is the republic, here is a pro progressive government tht leads you to fishn fascism or communism depending who has charge at the final moment of
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crossing over. i promise you it may not be a nazi or communist, but total government, total government will control everything in your life. the people fear on the right is it's fascistic in nature. what everybody on the left is afraid of is a government. christian zealot state clinging to god and guns, religious zealot jail of sorts. we already have that example on the planet to look at. what does it look like? iran. this guy. this is total government on the right, if you will. total religious government. it's amazing to me every time i see this guy. they are not afraid of him on the levitt. th -- not afraid of him on the left. they think he's ridiculous.
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but they are afraid of people like this. yeah, yeah, yeah. no, no. he's scary. i don't think guys that's jerry fallwell. i know they look alike. but that's jerry fallwell. jerry fallwell. there is a difference. there is a big difference. but that is what the left is afraid of. we'll have hitler, fascist, or ahmadinejad or jerry fallwell. and we have total government. total government. let me put it here. on the right, we have total government. that's what they are afraid of. then on the left, we have the fear of this. communism. we have mao and we have lenin and stalin and castro and chavez. that's what they're afraid of over here. all of them. do we have pol paul? there we go. you don't usually use a good
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picture of pol pot. this guy is -- these are fun guys, too. places that nobody in america wants to go. who wants to live with these people? nobody. except the lunatics. everybody says it's left and right. it's not. republicans and democrats are actually up and down. they are up and down. that's what this is. okay? it's on the ends of the spectrum. that these guys exist. the choices we have is anarchy. it ends with total government over here. we've never been for total government. we've never been for anarchy either. the founders started the country after they won the revolutionary war. they started the country not with the constitution. but with something called the
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articles of confederation. it set up such a limited government that the whole thing flew apart. you couldn't even do business across state lines. the country was a total mess. do you know the first president of the country was? this guy. john hanson. no, it wasn't george washington. john hanson. but see, i said our country. different country. under the articles of confederation. they first put it right here. it was too close to anarchy. it didn't work. it fell apart. every state was fighting against each other, cheating against each other. it was too close to anarchy. in 1785, congress knew it wasn't working. and unbeknownst to them, james madison and thomas jefferson have been explaining letters and they were trying to work on a totally new system of government.
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they knew they were never going to get something this radic radical past any members of congress or the states, because nobody trusted anybody anymore. but they have this thing called a republic. it moved this government a little farther down. moved it to about here. but they needed somebody to help bring everybody together. they needed somebody they could trust that everyone in the room would trust. they needed someone who they knew would bring everybody together. everybody would trust and in the end would do the right thing. even at his own expense. that man was george washington. i have to tell you a story in its entirety later on some other show. in a nutshell, washington saved the republic many, many times. the time before this one at the send of the revolutionary war and he stopped the soldiers revolting from members of congress and
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killing a lot of members of congress. congress said we're not paying you. well, they had served, fought and some of them had died and now they're not getting paid? washington tried to stop them. over and over and over again but they were determined to go and wipe congress out. at the last moment. at the last moment he walked in. at one of his finest moment he is walked in and stopped them. these were washington's own men who fought and died by his side and loved him, adored him until that moment. he stopped them from taking any action against congress. he saved the republic. otherwise it would have gone into tyranny. they actually abandoned him because of it. when the peace treaty was signed only 20 seasona soldiers still standing by his side to celebrate the hard-fought victory. washington. a man of honor we honor wept. he went home to mount vernon. he went home alone.
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he wanted to be a farmer and he went without the love and warmth of his men. just their cold respect. but that was enough. when people came knocking at his door and sayisaying, "georg, general, the thing is falling apart, we're almost in anarchy," washington didn't want to go to philadelphia. his response as serving as the nation's leader was, "have i not already given enough for my country?" he finally relented and then the old crew was back. they were all back trying to put together faith, hope and charity. a constitution. and they put it right here. just past anarchy, but not too far down. washington said very little during the convention. his presence is what held the coalition together. there wasn't any arm-twisting, no bribery, no special deals. you know, no labor unions
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involved. imagine that. they did have to make some compromises. slavery, slavery was one of them. they succeeded in creating out of a varied mess of differing cultures and interests, the greatest nation that has been ever devised. so washington came and madison laid out the ideas of the republic and the states said are you kidding me? are you kidding me? we just left this system. we just left -- it wasn't those guys at the time but before these guys with known, this was this guy. king george. king george or henry vii or vlad the impaler. you name it. oppressive governments, different faces, different tactics but the same killer of the pressive government. madison convinced them. we have the articles. the articles are not going to control you here. they don't control anything. eneed a little -- we need a
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little more powerful central government, but the central government wouldn't impede your right or your state's rights. you still get to be your own state. to make them feel better in the end, he said look, look, look. we will come up with ten things. ten things we promise as a federal government we will never ever do. ten. the bill of rights. it was a promise to the states. from the federal government. we will never, ever do these things. we will never take these rights from you the states, or you the people. i tell you all of this because it's a backdrop here of what happened on the show last night. if this is republican and democrat, we should be here. where our founders put us. instead, we seem to be moving here, back and forth. history has been lost. if if
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if it's lost, it's over. we'll repeat it. it's important to understand this. if we don't reclaim our own history, if we don't remember the thing s in our own past, the next generation is going to have to do this history all over again. which brings me again to the thing that i played last night. watch. >> we have to help bring this government down, we have to help destroy this system and that requires increasing the alienation that working class and oppressed people feel. the way change is going to happen in this country is through the destruction of what we call the united states of america. i'm opposed to white supremacy, not because it's white people involved. i'm opposed to the system we traditionally call imperilism and that some people have rights and privileges not granted to all human beings. the solution is called --
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>> glenn: lunatic fringe. if i said to you this is just one guy, but if i said to you there are people alive right now, some of them watching this show, that can tell you about a time in madison square garden when it was filled to the raft e rafters by nazis, they almost swept the country, you'd say no. if i told you about hitler youth camps across the country, you'd say crazy. but not the filled madison square garden -- nazis filled madison square garden. nazis. under the banner of americanism. at the same time, the communist party infiltrated the highest level of our government. today, i'm sure 99% of america have never seen what i'm about to show you. i think the same number of people have never heard this portion of american history. but it's cruci crucial for you
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hear, lest we repeat it. i'll show it to you
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>> glenn: all americans, i don't care if you're a republican or democrat, you know something in your gut that something is very, very wrong and that we're being pushed by the fringes. left and right.
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but the economy, no matter what anyone tells you, our problems have just begun. there is hope. because i'm passionate about american history and making sure you teach it, you know it and you teach it. this is a nation who has not been taught their own history. for two reasons. we have to know history. one, we can look to the past to solve our problems. we can also look to the past to remember who we are. if we don't, we're going to repeat it. you are bible reading person, have you ever noticed the stories are essentially the same over and over and over again? there are slaves, they get free, they become rich, they destroy themselves. they're slaves, they free themselves, they get rich, they destroy themselves. same thing. if you don't read the bible, read gibbons, the decline and fall of the roman empire. are you kidding me? it's like reading the newspaper today. those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.
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today, let's talk history. on why i say the progressives are the disease in this country. the threat to our system of government and our constitution. that means that the progressives that are on the left and the right, not the ones, you knows, democrats or republicans down here by our constitution. by our founders. the ones who are here. the republicans or the democrats but the ones that move on this scale from freedom to total government. here we go with history. the year 1939. the democrats had the white house. there were two political thoughts that had been around for a while. they were being tried in europe, who for first time in our history we were trying to emulate. looking at you were and saying wow, we should be like them. even the "new york times" and "time" magazine -- there is
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"time" magazine. that's mousolini. looking at him and saying whoa, he has it down. even our orn president looked to l him and said he may be the vision of the future. to a lesser extent there was hitler but he went bad faster. another movement, progressive on the left looked to a new system tried in the soviet union. they were so willing to ignore horrors of the utopian system to the extent "new york times" sent a reporter to the soviet union and we showed a documentary on the ukraine and he said, "you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet." the soviet union cull killed 7 mill people. that is some omelet, huh? both of the communists on the
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left, these are communists and the nazis on the right. that is what people say. they both subscribe to one philosophy and they flew one banner. one had a hammer and sickle and the other a swastika. on each banner read the words in america of this -- "social justice." they talked about economic justice. rights of the workers, redistrobution of wealth. surprisingly, i love this, democracy. i started to show this to you last night. this is from a handbook from 1938. it's from rhode island describing democracy, progress and democracy. it sounds great, doesn't it? i looked up democracy in the book and here is what it says. democracy always played an important role in history of rhode island. too ma in 1938 we're placed with proposition shall democratic government continue in rhode island? we communists are ready to join with all liberty loving
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people in defending democracy. democracy is the rule of the majority. it can only operate in rhode island as well as our constitution permits it to operate. our constitution is now 100 years old. and fast out-living its usefulness. vote communist. got it? these communists knew they couldn't win overnight so they decided the best course of action was to take progressive steps, baby steps toward -- what was it that van jones? play the van jones clip. what did he call it? >> one thing that has happened too often to progressives is we don't understand the relationship between min number goals and maximum goals. right now we're saying we want to move from suicidal gray capitalism to some kind of ecocapitalism, where, you
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know, at least we're not, you know, fast-tracking destruction of a whole planet. will that be enough? no, it won't be enough. we want to go beyond the system of exblowation and oppression altogether, but that's a process. >> glenn: remember van jones, modern day self-proclaimed anti-capital list revolutionary communist. he's advising the president. did you know that that actually happened before? we had advisors in the white house, advising the president of the united states. communists served in the white house under f.d.r.. this is before it wasn't cool to be a communist, before they had to call themselves progressives. one of them was alger hiss, attorney who worked on several area osthe new deal. we'll let modern day communists tell you about the days of f.d.r. here it is. the bald communicommunist. >> for a period, communists had access to the white house in the f.d.r. administration. this was real.
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>> glenn: okay. so communism was very popular in the grandparent's day, but they just didn't tell us about it. maybe they were embarrassed tay didn't see all the death and destruction. there was another movement in america that was also very, very popular in america. at the same time. they also flew the progressive banner. i'll show you the pictures you've never seen before most likely. i'll explain it all next. according to the epa, the air in your home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs, viruses, allergens, pet dander, even smelly and potentially harmful voc compounds can actually be floating in the air you're breathing! but now you can clean that air with the incredible oreck xl professional air purifier. and if you call and order now you'll pay no interest ever! the secret to oreck's effectiveness is its patented truman cell filter.
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: communism, we have been talking about, but i want to talk about the other side of progressivism here now. communism was very popular in our grandparents' day. they didn't tell us about it. i don't know if it was because they were ashamed because they didn't see the death and destruction at the end of that road. or what. maybe it was the people they were. they didn't tell us all the great things they did either. let me show you some pictures. i'm working on a new documentary for something i'm releasing on the internet calling it the "extreme inseeder" at we'll have series of ten-minute documentaries of things you need to know. this is some of the footal.
2:36 am
can i move to the 103? this is too small. can you put it on the 103? is that possible? yes. move it to 103. let me show you this footage. footage i found in a film vault a few weeks ago in los angeles. get ready to pause it. look at this guy, look at how he's dressed. i think it's coming next. pull out. is he going to pull out? this is a speech given in madison square garden in new york. okay, look, they're giving the nazi signal. freeze it. keep going a little bit more. freeze it. pull back out. stop. freeze, freeze. look at this. american flags, this is george washington. the nazi symbol. this is new york. this is new york city! this is brochure from it, the
2:37 am
actual brochure from it on americanism. here it is. it's a salute, american rally for george washington's birthday exer ccisexercises. if you look you can barely see it but it is the swi swastika. roll the other video, please. the other video that is part of this is taken from the summer vacation. look at this. this is in the hamptons. the hfrp hamptons, new york, th summer playground of uber-rich. nazis in america. these are pictures when nazis filled madison square garden in 1939. these things were happening all over the country. these were the people opposed to f.d.r. and the new deal and the communist. hang on. there are people right now watching this show who said yeah, i told you! those republicans, they're all nazis!
2:38 am
well, that's where this came from. okay. there are people now on the right saying yeah, i told you, all you people on the left, all you democrats are communists. let me tell you something. there are nazis in america and there are communists in america. but not democrats are communists, not all republicans are nazis. while there are nazis and communists you are leaving out the one word that gives it all context. progressive. progressive. let me go back to this rhode island booklet. here. right here. it talks in the booklet of progress and democracy. i talks about who their -- it talks about who their groupings are, who their main allies are. the main groupings, president rosenfeld and the new deal
2:39 am
democrats. independent progressive republicans. it's both left and right. progressives. in the end, remember who put this out. vote communist communiscommunis. the last words "elect progressive candidate for every office. vote communist." see, what happened was f.d.r. was reaching out to the fringes. the fringes of the progressive movement if you will on the left, which were communists. he used them for fuel. just as the democrats now use michael moore. do you remember when michael moore put out "fahrenheit 9/11." he's a ma mar marxist. i remember seeing him in the presidential box with jimmy carter. democrats, what are you doing? he's a marxist. you think you are using him for fuel to bash george w.
2:40 am
bush but these people are going to turn around and eat you. that's what is happening, america. f.d.r. used them for the same reason. these people are motivated to go out and attack the other side. use anything. tear the opposition apart. by the way, try this new idea called communism. meanwhile, those opposed to f.d.r. the republicans, the progressive republicans, reached out to the enemy of the communists and the enemy of f.d.r. the nazis. they used the nazis as fuel. this put fear in our grandparents' heads but unspoken to us as children and grandchildren. republicans are na s ars are na democrats are communists. it's because they missed one word. they miss in theed the tale-tel signs. social justice, economic justice. go back to nazi rally. i want to show it to you
2:41 am
again. bring up the careen one more time. here is the rally. got to show you a flag. nancy pelosi would say this is a tea party here, all the nazis. there is a banner -- do we have the ban sther we need a close-up of it. do we have that? stop. this is father togland and this is the guy that the left says i am, the guy out there going for the nazis. he went for the nazis. he did. nazi. spookiest dude you've ever seen. we don't have the banner? on the documentary we'll show you the banner. there is a banner on the podium. this is a mock up of it. social justice. social justice. you would haven't this at the tea party. tea parties are for small
2:42 am
limited government. the movement of the democratic opposition in f.d.r.'s day was carrying a sign "social justice." these were progressives. progressives. social justice. this was social justice. look at the chart. when the fascist movement was discredited by hitler and mussolini, most of the grandparents got away from it and came back down around here. when stalin was exposed for the monster that he was, we started saying oh, boy, that's bad. our grandparents got away. some didn't. they went back and put a mask on. went undercover working for their socialist utopia. these guys screwed it up. but this system works. no, it doesn't. no, it doesn't. they outwardly reject the revolutionary words. they just work for social justice. economic justice. the rights of the worker.
2:43 am
just a little bit of progress. see, our founders put us here for a reason. with a very small government. it's dangerous when either side -- when bush says hey, patriot act, let's keep going. i was for it because i was dumb must have to believe in some sunset. do you know these guys who were against the patriot act, do you those guys have just done? they've removed the sunsets. that's why these guys are freaking out. it doesn't matter which side gets up here. when the right or the left move this close to total government, it's not a good thing. we must go back here before progress. before the progressive progres
2:44 am
us back to the place where the silent george washington approved, back to limited government and away frommmmmm
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>> glenn: i want to show you a clip of president obama. he made an announcement yesterday. watch this. >> government has a responsibility. government can help educate the students, to succeed in college and a career. government can help provide the resources to engage drop-outs and those at risk of dropping out. and when necessary, a government has to be critically involved in turning around lowest performing schools. >> glenn: the president is bringing up schools this week for a very important reason. there is something going on in this country. i think it's on thursday. most people haven't heard of. we're going to spend an hour on it. i'm wearing this button for a reason this week.
2:49 am
youth for roosevelt. indoctrination of our kids. he is talking about how to improve educational needs for our kids, but i don't think our kids need any more government intervention in their schools. this friday, a special hour, you don't want to miss. the indoctrination of youth in america. things you've never seen before. an hour you don't want to miss. tell your friends. grab one extra person and have them watch the show this friday. open their mind to a world they've never seen. and set your d.v.r. now. back in a minute. 
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>> glenn: give you a taste of something we're giving you tomorrow. comenism has been a -- communism has been a spectacular failure in history. most americans are against the idea of communism or marxism of redistribution of wealth, beet bloated unions. do you know the unions lost 800,000 member last year alone and yet union leaders are involved at every level in writing and crafting the bills that now govern our land. afl cio is pushing a wall street transaction tax to tax each and every transtactranszttn
2:54 am
wall street. higher taxes, creating jobs. it doesn't work. so what is the real intent? andrew brightbart from brought this video to my attention. i have to show it to you. we'll show it all tomorrow. this is seiu president andy stern on the real motives of the unions. >> we are at historic cross roads, at the historic crossroad i think in my lifetime economically in terms of what a new president is going to do and different way to evaluate the economy. all of a sudden we are witnessing the first new american economic plan led by the government. not necessarily led by the private sector. >> glenn: is that the economic plan you want? free market, is the private system dead and needs to be run by government? are companies evil? and their answer to evilness
2:55 am
is global regulation and global government. that's what he says. gloefl governm global government. the unions think it's better. we'll show it to you tomorrow. darn it, they put financial regulations, forgot about the global government. but they're working on the global government. do we have it? gosh, we're out of time already. sorry. back in a second.
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>> glenn: i have chalk all over me. i want to invide you to go to to find the insider extreme that features broadcast quality live streaming of my radio show and an expanded fourth hour of broadcast. patent behind-the-scene look at how we put the shows together. exclusive documentaries. mini-documentaries with online access to the magazine, archive of the radio program and v.zp. access to watch live ent


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